The Art of Mulan

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Auteur : KURTTI Jeff Nombre de pages : 192
Editeur : Disney Editions Dimensions : 33,53 X 26,92 X 3,05 cm
Thème : Les coulisses des longs métrages Poids : 1,99 kg
Date de publication : 19-06-1998
ISBN-10 : 0786863889
Edition : Première édition ISBN-13 : 978-0786863884
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Table des matières

Part 1 : The Mythic Journeys of Mulan
Part 2 : The Journey of Discovery
Part 3 : The Journey of Production
Part 4 : Journey's End

Résumé de l'éditeur

In The Walt Disney Company's thirty-six animated feature, Mulan, a brave young woman is faced with the terrible reality that her father - too old to be a soldier but too honorable not to be one - will be killed in battle. Driven by her love for her father and her devotion to her family, Mulan makes a decision that will change their lives forever. Disguising herself as a boy, she secretly takes her father's place in the Imperial army that is being gathered to meet the threat of invasion by the villainous Hun leader, Shan-Yu. Out of this experience Mulan, and everyone around her, will learn profound lessons about courage, honor, and love.

Inspired by a 2,000-year-old Chinese legend, Mulan is the first animated feature film to be primarily produced by Disney's studio in Orlando, Florida. This richly illustrated volume, The Art of Mulan, reveals the story behind the making of the film and includes more than 350 stunning color and black-and-white illustrations, showcasing a variety of art produced by the many talented artists who worked on the film.

Like the film's heroine, the Disney artists who created Mulan made a journey of self-discovery that began with a momentous decision - to make a modern-day film adapted from an ancient Chinese source. Their efforts to remain faithful to the spirit of the original legend and the traditions of Chinese culture, while at the same time make it accessible to today's international audience, are chronicled in The Art of Mulan by the artists themselves. Their words reveal their passion while their art demonstrates the dazzling array of talent Disney committed to the making of a truly moving and spectacular film.

The Art of Mulan is a tribute to the dedication and collaborative effort required in the creation of this unforgettable masterpiece - Mulan.


Ce livre a été traduit en français sous le titre "Mulan, le livre du film".