The Tarzan Chronicles

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Auteur : GREEN Howard E., COLLINS Phil (Avant-propos) Nombre de pages : 192
Editeur : Disney Editions Dimensions : 26,9 x 35,7 x 3,6 cm
Thème : Les coulisses des longs métrages Poids : 2,48 kg
Date de publication : 01-07-1999
ISBN-10 : 0786865881
Edition : Edition limitée à 1.600 exemplaires. ISBN-13 : 978-0786865888
Couverture : Couverture cartonnée, dans un fourreau Prix d'origine : 75$ / 59,74€
Langue : Anglais Prix d'occasion : 100-350€

Table des matières
  • Foreword by Phil Collins
  • Introduction
  • You'll Be in My Heart
  • Son of Man
  • Strangers Like Me
  • Two Worlds
  • Trashin' the Camp
  • Acknowledgments

Résumé de l'éditeur

The Tarzan Chronicles reveals, in page after vibrant page, the mystery behind the magic of Disney's roaring jungle adventure. Select entries from journals kept by key members of the Tarzan creative team - including musician Phil Collins, directors Kevin Lima and Chris Buck, and legendary animator Glen Keane - illuminate the struggles, the triumphs, and ultimately the joy that marked the four-year journey from idea to finished film. Discover why the often-tackled story of Tarzan was so intriguing to the Disney filmmakers and how they decided to focus on the thematic question "What constitutes a family?" Read first-hand accounts of how the filmmakers created a Tarzan unlike any other. More than 500 pieces of artwork - ranging from concept sketches and storyboards to animation and production stills - enhance vivid, personal recollections and an inspired text that will delight readers in search of insider information about how this magnificent film came to life.

Howard E. Green is a key player on Disney's motion picture publicity and marketing teams. He currently serves as vice president of studio communications. He has written the official press materials for every animated film over the past twenty years, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King, and Mulan. He lives in La Cañada, California.

Scheduled for release in June 1999, Disneys newest animated film, Tarzan, is eagerly awaited by movie fans everywhere. This colourful adaptation of a Hollywood favourite tells the story of a young man raised by apes in the African jungle who must find his place in the world of men, or the world of animals.

A phenomenal line-up of stars in the film features the voices of Tony Goldwyn as Tarzan, Minnie Driver as Jane, Glenn Close as Kala, as well as Rosie ODonnell, Nigel Hawthorne, Wayne Knight, and Lance Henriksen.


Cette édition est limitée à 1.600 exemplaires. Chaque volume est numéroté et signé par Bonnie Arnold, le producteur du film, ainsi que par Chris Buck et Kevin Lima, les réalisateurs.

Ce livre existe également en anglais en édition simple et en français sous le titre "Tarzan, Le Livre du Film".