The Art of Cars 2

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Auteur : QUEEN Ben, PAIK Karen, LASSETER John (Avant-propos) Nombre de pages : 160
Editeur : Chronicle Books Dimensions : 28,9 x 23,6 x 2,1 cm
Thème : Les coulisses des longs métrages Poids : 1,19 kg
Date de publication : 22-06-2011
ISBN-10 : 0811878910
Edition : Première édition ISBN-13 : 978-0811878913
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Table des matières
  • Foreword by John Lasseter
  • Introduction
  • The Pacific Ocean
  • World Grand Prix
  • Tokyo
  • Spycraft
  • Paris
  • Porto Corsa
  • Roads Not Taken
  • London
  • Radiator Springs
  • Epilogue
  • Acknowledgments

Résumé de l'éditeur

In 2006, Pixar introduced audiences to a world populated almost entirely by automobiles. Although Cars was set primarily in the small town of Radiator Springs, the Pixar team knew that there was an entire world waiting to be explored from their unique “car-ified” perspective. Cars 2 gave Pixar’s award-winning artists a chance to shift gears and explore the far reaches of the globe – as seen on four wheels.

Featuring an extensive collection of new characters and more locations than any Pixar film to date, Cars 2 provided its own set of challenges as well as a wide assortment of unique creative opportunities. In The Art of Cars 2, Ben Queen – the screenwriter on the film – explores the art and story development that built this fast-paced, international adventure. From the earliest pencil sketches and conceptual artwork to the storyboards, color scripts, and character designs, this gorgeous volume celebrates the artistry and imagination behind Lightning McQueen and Mater’s most thrilling adventure.

BEN QUEEN is the screenwriter on Cars 2. He was the co-creator and executive producer on the Fox television series Drive. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

KAREN PAIK works in the creative development department at Pixar Animation Studios. She is the author of To Infinity and Beyond ! : The Story of Pixar Animation Studios and The Art of Ratatouille.

JOHN LASSETER is a two-time Academy Award-winning director and the chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Cars 2 is a globetrotting, high-octane ride through the world that Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the other beloved Cars characters first brought to life in 2006. Showcasing the gorgeous concept art that went into the film’s development, and including a foreword by director John Lasseter, The Art of Cars 2 takes a look under the hood of the latest Pixar masterpiece.