Pirates of the Carribean : From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies (Updated Edition)

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Auteur : SURRELL Jason, SKLAR Martin A. (Avant-propos), FITZGERALD Tom (Avant-propos) Nombre de pages : 148
Editeur : Disney Editions Dimensions : 21,7 x 28 x 1,3 cm
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Date de publication : 09-11-2006
ISBN-10 : 1423107098
Edition : Deuxième édition ISBN-13 : 978-1423107095
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Table des matières
  • Forewords by Martin A. Sklar and Tom Fitzgerald
  • Introduction
    Course Heading - Disneyland and the Magic Kingdoms
  • Charting a Course for Adventure
  • Rascals, Scoundrels, Villains & Knaves
  • Setting Sail for Florida and the Far East
  • The European Invasion
    Course Heading - The Spanish Main
  • The Port of New orleans
  • Laffite's Landing
  • The Blue Bayou
  • Approaching the Waterfall
  • Entering the Grotto
  • Dead Man's Cove
  • Hurricane Lagoon
  • Crew's Quarters
  • Captain's Quarters
  • Treasure Room
  • Ghostly Grotto
  • Bombarding the Fort
  • The Well
  • The Auction
  • The Chase
  • The Burning Town
  • The Jail
  • The Arsenal
  • The Upramp
    Course Heading - The Movies
  • Return of the Swashbuckler
  • Jerry and the Pirates
  • The World of Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Chilling Effects
  • The Pirates Cast Off

  • Charting a Course for the Future

Résumé de l'éditeur

So - ye comes seeking adventure and salty old pirates, aye ? Sure, ye've come to the proper place. But keep a weather-eye open, mates, and hold on tight... with both hands if you please. There be squalls ahead. And Davy Jones waiting for them what don't obey.

DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES... until now, that is. After appearing in one of the most popular E-Ticket attractions at the Disney theme parks for almost forty years, and starring in a blockbuster hit film (with the promise of more to come), the wildest crew that ever sacked the Spanish Main is ready for its own unique tell-all tome.

Along the journey, readers will learn how the attraction made the voyage to all four corners of the world - with rare early concept sketches, never-before-published original story concepts, and spectacular development artwork - and will take a virtual tour through the attraction showcasing variations and enhancements at each Disney theme park. Never before has The Walt Disney Company revealed so much history, debunked so much mystery, and told the true "below-the-seas" tale of the swashbuckling scalawags.

With sure rich source material and a permanent place in pop culture, Pirates of the Caribbean was a natural for the big screen. Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl, directed by Gore Verbinski, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and starring Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, and Academy Award-nominated Johnny Depp as the irrepressible Captain Jack Sparrow, was one of the top-grossing movies of 2003. Get an insider's view of the motion picture that launched a franchise, including : an exclusive look at the earliest story concepts ; a front row seat at location shoots in the Caribbean and on Disney Studio soundstages ; cast and crew recollections ; and the birth of the cursed buccaneers inside a computer at Industrial Light & Magic.

If it's a pirate life for you, then it's "Yo-ho-ho" for Pirates of the Caribbean : From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies

JASON SURRELL is an author, screenwriter, and Show Writer at Walt Disney Imagineering, whose credits include a "haunted" tombstone at The Haunted Mansion, and show concepts and scripts for Disney Cruise Line Services, Disney Vacation Club, Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Walt Disney World. He is the author of The Haunted Mansion : From the Magic Kindom to the Movies, The Art of The Haunted Mansion, and Screenplay by Disney : Tips and Techniques to Bring Magic to Your Moviemaking, and is a contributing essayist to The Imagineering Way and The Imagineering Workout.

He has written for Walt Disney Television's internationally syndicated series Secrets of the Animal Kingdom, and is a Show Director for Walt Disney Entertainment, where he writes and directs live shows and events. Jason has a number of film projects in various stages of development.

Ce livre est également sorti en 2005 dans une première édition.