Disneyland : Dreams, Traditions and Transitions

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Auteur : SHANNON Leonard, HIGUERA Shelley (Design) Nombre de pages : 176
Editeur : Disney's KINGDOM EDITIONS Dimensions : 22,1 x 28,6 x 1,6 cm
Thème : Parcs à thèmes Poids : 0,95 kg
Date de publication : 1995
ISBN-10 : 1098765432
Edition : Troisième édition ISBN-13 : 00127-10025
Couverture : Couverture cartonnée Prix d'origine : inconnu
Langue : Anglais Prix d'occasion : 20-80€

Table des matières
  1. Introduction
    • Walt Disney's Vision
  2. Dreams
    • Disney Before the land
    • Selecting a location
    • Bringing the Lands to Life
    • Opening Day
  3. Traditions
    • A Timeline
  4. Transitions
    • The Imagineers
    • A Concept through Completion
  5. Disneyland
    • A Tour of the Senses
    • Main Street, U.S.A.
    • Adventureland
    • New Orleans Square
    • Frontierland
    • Critter Country
    • Fantasyland
    • Mickey's Toontown
    • Tomorrowland
  6. Magical Moments
    • Night Comes to Life
    • Holiday Magic
    • Just Like Staying at Disneyland
  7. The Disney Way
    • The Invisible Services
    • Craftsmanship
    • Unique Skills and Specialty Trades
    • Circle D Ranch
    • Costumes ans Dressmaking
    • Landscapes and Gardens
    • Music to Fill the Lands
    • In True Disney Character
    • Forever Mickey
  8. Memories
    • Nostalgia in Everyone's Lifetime
    • Forever Disneyland

Résumé de l'éditeur

Disneyland Park is more than the fulfillment of one man's dreams. It is the creation of thousands of hands and willing hearts, an authentic wonder of the entertainment world imbued with magic.

Walt Disney. A Visionary. A Perfectionist. A genius. A name recognized around the world. In one way or another, Walt Disney has touched all of our lives. His steadfast commitment to creating "the happiest place on earth" has not only provided us with an American classic, but has inspired countless other endeavors and set a new standard of quality by wich all others are compared.

Dreams, Traditions and Transitions commemorates that spirit and guides you through a fascinating and insightful pictorial tour of Disneyland from its very beginnings. You'll discover little-known secrets and unintentionally hilarious happenings, share touching glimpses into Walt's vision, learn about wondrous technological innovations, while following the astounding evolution of Disneyland.

You'll stroll through every realm of Disneyland on a visual adventure sure to capture your imagination. The parades, the fireworks, the holiday magic, the celebrations, the dazzling nighttime spectaculars - they're all inside. You'll learn how the artists, designers, craftsmen, gardeners, costume makers, musicians, and all the people you see (and don't see) keep Disneyland timelessly new.

Dreams, Traditions and Transitions is more than just a book, it's an "E Ticket" to relive your Disneyland memories day after day.

This book is dedicated to all the believers who made Walt's dream come true and to children of all ages who continue to inspire those dreams.

Officiellement, ce livre a été vendu à l'époque par Disney's KINGDOM EDITIONS uniquement au sein de Disneyland. Ceci explique qu'il ne se trouve en vente sur Internet que sur le marché de la seconde main à de rares occasions et à des prix relativement élevés.