Walt Disney : The Biography

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Auteur : GABLER Neal Nombre de pages : 670
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Date de publication : 01-04-2011
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Table des matières
  • Chapter Illustrations
  • Introduction
  • ONE II Escape
  • TWO II Go-Getter
  • THREE II Wonderland
  • FOUR II The Mouse
  • FIVE II The Cult
  • SIX II Folly
  • SEVEN II Parnassus
  • EIGHT II Two Wars
  • NINE II Adrift
  • TEN II City on a Hill
  • ELEVEN II Slouching Toward Utopia
  • Appendix
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

Résumé de l'éditeur

The definitive biography - the first with complete access to the Disney archives

His classic films illuminated everyone's childhood. The theme parks are on every tourist itinerary. The movie empire is one of Hollywood's biggest. Walt Disney is one of the few men who unquestionably changed our culture. And Neal Gabler is the first author to have had complete access to the Disney Archives, enabling him to write the definitive biography of this remarkable man. Gabler charts Disney's journey from running a fledgling studio with short cartoons featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, to the reinvention of animation with full-length films like Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi and Dumbo.

Chronicling Walt's profligacy and expansionism, as well as his obsessive perfectionism when working on the briefest of sequences in Fantasia, Gabler describes how it was left to Walt's brother Roy to keep the business solvent. The successes speak for themselves - Disney then moved beyond animation with huge hits like Mary Poppins, and mixed utopianism and merchandising to conceive the world's first modern theme park, Disneyland. In addition to the towering achievements, Gabler shows the dark side of Walt Disney - ruthless towards long-serving staff, cavalier with contracts, neglectful of his family - but also the vulnerability, born of loneliness and ill health, in an admirably balanced portrait.

"This wonderful, exhaustive book is as good an account of this man as we're ever likely to get" SCOTSMAN

"A long and remarkably readable [biography]... a record of Disney's highs and lows that is likely to remain unmatched for drama; it is hagiographic, certainly, but never dishonest, and it marshals a truly enormous quantity of detail" LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS

"A weighty, scholarly tome of immense ambition... the vivid descriptions of the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio leave you eager to revisit the films and confirm Gabler's well-argued, fair-minded conclusion that, for all his failings, Disney remains the figure who has most visibly dominated and defined American popular culture over the last century" THE HERALD

"Astonishingly thorough, nimbly narrated" OBSERVER

"The extraordinary making of the man behind the mouse has now been revealed in his most complete biography yet" DAILY EXPRESS

Neal Gabler writes often for the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. He is currently a senior fellow at the Norman Lear Centre for the Study of Entertainment and Society at the University of Southern California. His books include An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollwood, Life, the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality and a biography of the journalist Walter Winchell. He lives in Amagansett, New York.