The Art of Finding Nemo

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Auteur : VAZ Mark Cotta, LASSETER John (Avant-propos), STANTON Andrew (Avant-propos) Nombre de pages : 160
Editeur : Chronicle Books Dimensions : 28,6 x 23,5 x 2,1 cm
Thème : Les coulisses des longs métrages Poids : 1,16 kg
Date de publication : 01-04-2003
ISBN-10 : 0-8118-3975-3
Edition : Première édition ISBN-13 : 9-780811-839754
Couverture : Couverture cartonnée Prix d'origine : 40$ / 31,86€
Langue : Anglais Prix d'occasion : 50-130€

Table des matières
  • Forewords
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgments

Résumé de l'éditeur

The Art of Finding Nemo invites you into the elaborate creative process of making an animated film. For Finding Nemo, Pixar Animation Studios brought together the finest artistic talent to create a rich under-water world that comes alive with color, motion, and astonishing expression.

A vivid behind-the-scenes odyssey, this insightful book features everything from simple pencil drawings to fully rendered paintings and charcoal sketches from the top artists, illustrators, and designers in the industry. This is a look at the concept art Pixar churns out to define the look of the movie's characters, environments, and emotional underpinnings. In quotes throughout, the director, artists, and production team discuss their trials and errors and show how the film ultimately came together. Insightful, revealing, and awesomely creative, The Art of Finding Nemo is sure to delight filmgoers, artists, and animation fans alike.

John Lasseter is Pixar Animation Studio's executive vice president of creative and is a two-time Academy Award®-winning director and animator. He directed Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story 2 and served as executive producer for Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo.

Andrew Stanton has been at the creative core of Pixar Animation Studios since 1990. He went on to receive an Oscar® nomination for Best Original Screenplay, collaborating on the landmark computer animated phenomenon Toy Story. Stanton also served as co-director and co-writer on the enormously successful 1998 feature A Bug's Life, led the screenwriting team of Toy Story 2, and helped write and executive produce Pixar's latest film, Monsters, Inc. He is currently the writer-director of Finding Nemo.

Mark Cotta Vaz has authored thirteen books. Most recently he wrote The Invisible Art : The Legends of Movie Matte Painting (Chronicle Books).

From the Academy Award®-winning studio that brought us Toy Story and Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, and Monsters, Inc., comes Finding Nemo, the charming story of two fish - a father and his son, Nemo - who becomes separated in the vast Great Barrier Reef.

Gathered in these lavishly illustrated pages are hundreds of pieces of concept art that ultimately resulted in the expressive characters and colorful seascapes of the film. With quotes throughout from the creative team of artists, designers, and directors, The Art of Finding Nemo is a visually stunning look into the creation of an animated film.